Pixel Perfect™


Can a laser treatment help you regain your youthful glow?

Pixel Perfect ™ is an aesthetic laser treatment that lifts away years from your face. It can help reverse the early signs of aging, and helps counteract years of sun damage or acne scarring. It provides noticeable results, often in as little as a single treatment.

•Clears sun-damaged skin
•Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles
•Shrinks the appearance of pores
•Fills in acne scars
•Blends uneven pigmentation

Pixel Perfect – What Patients Say

As a kid I had really bad acne. Treatment and time helped it go away, but the scars stuck around. They were very pronounced and evident on my face, especially my upper cheeks and around my jaw line. My doctor recommended Pixel Perfect™ from Alma Lasers and I’m ecstatic with the outcome. My only regret is that I didn’t try Pixel Perfect™ for acne scars a long time ago.”

– Roger, 28, PixelPerfect patient

I love living in Arizona and being outside, but being in the sun had put some heavy duty damage on my face. I needed a decade reversal without a lot of down-time or risky side effects. A couple of friends had good luck with Pixel Perfect™ skin treatments so I gave it a shot – and I got my wish. I’m wearing sun screen now to protect my skin and planning on having more cosmetic skin treatments with Alma Lasers products.”

– Regina, 48, PixelPerfect patient

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